Friday, 5 December 2008

It's Fryday

IT'S been a bit of a fraught week and the last thing I feel like, come teatime, is being a slave to the stove.
So we've decided to indulge in a takeaway of fish 'n' chips, a rarity in our household - we usually opt for healthy home-cooking, or instead go out where we don't have the bind of the washing up.
Fish 'n' chip shops aren't hard to find. There's at least five within walking distance of my home. But finding a good fish n' chip shop is a different matter.
However, a relative newcomer to the fold has proved a bit of a revelation.
The Great British Eatery, in the Broadway Plaza Complex, has taken the concept of the traditional 'Inn Place' or 'Golden Fry' and turned it on its head.
Gone is the stench of stale chip fat and tired old pictures of Pukka pies. This place has a contemporary interior and most of the food is cooked to order.
We've only been once before but we were welcomed like old friends. Passionate about quality British ingredients, the staff also carry a weight of experience; co-founder Conrad Brunton has worked with uber chef Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck - but fear not, your fish 'n' chips won't come with a side order of dry ice or snail porridge.
And as well as fish 'n' chips and all the usual sides, they also serve bangers and mash, roast chicken, tubs of quality icecream and even bottles of ales.
What's even better is, because their trade is mainly during the week - due to its close proximity to some offices - there are plenty of special offers on Saturday and Sunday.
Last time we had a takeaway from there the fish was succulent and delicately battered, and the chips were full of flavour, so I am hoping not to be disappointed second time around.
GBE's website is well designed too. Go and have a look...
Where is Brum's best chippy? Let me know and I'll give it a try
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Darryl said...

I can recommend George & Helens on Court Oak Road in Quinton/Harborne. Excellent Chips - has won awards - Highly recommended!

jim said...

I'm biased, but the one opposite the market in Sutton. :)

Emily said...

Hello Both
Thanks for your tips. My fish and chips from The Great British Eatery on Friday were superb, better than I remembered, but I am certainly always on the look out for more great chippies so thank you! Keep the tips coming!