Thursday, 21 May 2009

Local Produce for Local People

I LOVE nothing more than whiling away the hours at a farmer's market.
Here in Birmingham, we are very lucky to be frequented by decent farmer's market in one district, or another, pretty much every weekend.
I am never short of finding somewhere to pick up a punnet of freshly-picked blackberries, a homemade loaf of artisan bread, or a handful of venison sausages.
However, I was over the moon to discover that there's soon to be one just a stone's throw from my home.
And I throw stones like a girl.
From next Friday (May 29) there will be a monthly local produce market in BrindleyPlace, between 10am and 2pm.
My mouth is already watering at the glossy leaflet's promise of locally produced fruit, vegetable, wines and pastries.... and anything else I can lay my greedy mitts on!
The market is being organised by Sketts, who put on the regular produce fayres in Birmingham New Street, and Harborne High Street.
Sketts also host celebrated markets in Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford and Warwick, so my expectations are high.
In June the market will be on Friday 26.
Here I come...!
For more details on the new BrindleyPlace market visit


Thinspired said...

I used to go tothe farmers market all the time in California but I haven't been to the one here in Bristol except to pick up chicken sausages (YUM)! I'll have to check out the produce + bread. I've been craving a hunk of french bread lately.
Hope you have a great weekend ahead, Emily

Cupcakes And Peonies said...

I have left an award for you on my website called “One Lovely Blog Award” It's for cool and recently discovered websites. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Emily said...

Thanks Lara! I think you'd love the UK farmer's market. Lots of goodies.

Thanks Cupcakes. I will have a look at that...

Have a great weekend both x

rich said...

The quality of our local farmer's market varies massively. One week, there'll be huge the most amazing and rich range of cheese, bread, veg, meat from the Dales, etc, etc, the next....nothing but a few grizzled radishes and the odd sausage. When it's good, it's great, but you can't depend on it for your dinner.

My favourite farmer's market purchase has to be goose eggs. They're massive, and for some reason, my kids think they're hilarious. Maybe that's because I've been know to fry the odd one just like a hen's egg and eat it with bacon on a Sunday morning.

No THAT's a breakfast.

Neil said...

I'm glad it's there. . alas I walk through Brindley twice a day and not at those times!

May have to try and hit home and back to work during lunch and grab some bits.

In total other unrelated new, i agree on the cooking for people. Often it's not always reciprocated, as in a friends words 'it won't be as good' - sod that, any friend cooking for you is great