Sunday, 14 December 2008

It's a jolly holiday (with Nigella)

DECK the halls, stoke the fire and dredge the mince pies with icing sugar.... Christmas starts tonight.
My festive excitement is set to hit fever pitch with the screening of the first episode of Nigella's Christmas Kitchen on BBC2 at 8.30pm.
If anyone knows how to celebrate Christmas in all its oozing, unctuous, calorific glory it's Nigella. I get goosebumps just watching the trailer.
I spent last night poring over the accompanying book - Nigella's Christmas - and am already thinking the lamb tagine with dates and pomegranates will make a brilliant alternative supper on Boxing Day.
'We can freeze any leftover for another night,' my lovely boyfriend said naively. Like there will be any leftovers.
Top of my Christmas list is a gigantic spoon so that, like Nigella, I can make the midnight pilgrimage to the fridge to hoover up any leftovers.
Are you looking forward to Nigella's Christmas Kitchen? It's on every night this week (bliss). Let me know which recipes inspire you...


Jim said...

Hi Emily,

I said I'd report in about Cafe Rouge on Friday.

Not good Frankly, we were seated by 8 but didn't get our starters 'till nearly 9, I had

Fricasse de champignons a l’ail et brioche
Mushroom sautéed and finished in a cream and garlic sauce with warm toasted brioche,

Not good, tasted like plain old tinned mushrooms.

My main course was superb however

Navarian d’agneau et dauphinoise
Classic lamb and winter vegetable stew with creamy garlic potatoes
Lovely absolutely great.

I'm not a pudding man and was very disappointed to find there was no cheese board.

Marks out of 10, probably a 4 at best I'm afraid.

Emily said...

Hi Jim
Sorry to hear that Friday's meal was a disappointment. I walked past at about 7pm and it was already very busy. Surprised there was no cheese board either, you'll have to make up for it with an extra big cheese board at Christmas!

Jim said...

I made up for it on Saturday Emily, went to Tesco and bought a selection of Cheese. :)

Have you been to Modern China, the old stockland green pub yet? I'm off there on Wednesday night with some friends.

Emily said...

No, I have not been to Modern China, although I have just looked on the website and the menu looks delicious! I haven't had a good Chinese for ages. Let me know if it's worth a visit!

Emily said...

Hi Jim
How was Modern China? I am going for my Chinese fix at the Dragon BBQ at Broadway Plaza on Saturday night. I can't wait!