Friday, 12 December 2008

Just Desserts

IT'S great to see top Brummie chef Glynn Purnell flying the city flag in the latest edition of the BBC Good Food Magazine (January, 2008).
He features alongside fellow winners of BBC's Great British Menu 2008, Jason Atherton of Maze, London, and Stephen Terry of The Hardwick, Monmouthshire.
Blues fan Glynn won the competition's dessert round with his modern twist on English custard, and now he's offered up a new pudding recipe for readers to try.
I've only tried a Glynn-made dessert once at Jessica's, Edgbaston, in 2003, when he was head chef, but the sublime taste will live on in my memory forever more.
Typically girly, I opted for something decadent and chocolaty, and while it was superb, it was my other half's roasted banana cheesecake that was the real taste sensation.
In fact all of Glynn's food was nothing short of superb and I can't wait to dine at his latest venture, Purnell's in Cornwall Street.
There's a celebratory meal in the offing and Purnell's is top of my list as a place to make merry in style (mum, are you reading this?).
In the meantime I'll just drool over the menu on the website,
Have you dined at Purnell's yet? What did you think? Let me know...


Mrs Woffington said...

His food is totally amazing; I remember a crème brûlée with lavender in the early days (when he was at Jessica's) but his cooking keeps evolving. He's always a step ahead of the game.

Emily said...

I agree. I can't wait to go to Purnell's. I hope he gets the Michelin star he deserves!