Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Let there be light!

AS I sink my teeth into my first slice of chocolate roulade my mind is already wandering.
In truly piggy fashion, I am already thinking about the next mouthful before savoring the last.
A nightmare at buffets, my plate may be piled high but I am envisaging the potato salad or mini samosa I'll scoff in the next round.
And while the big day may now be upon us, I can't help but ponder the food I might like to eat in forthcoming weeks.
After all the rich and heavy foods I will undoubtedly eat, I may want something light so I was delighted the hear that Woktastic in Paradise Forum is holding a 'January sale' on its delicious sushi.
Starting on December 27, diners can eat all they like from the conveyor belt for just a tenner.
Ironically, the fact that it's all-you-can-eat could defeat the object of opting for something light, but it is Christmas, and if you are sick of overloading on turkey sarnies and selection box chocs then sushi could be the answer.
I've only been to Woktastic once - when I was a day pupil at its brilliant sushi school - but was impressed by the quality of the food there. The fish used was market fresh and Toni, the head chef handles it expertly.
Woktastic is a new venture for owner/manager Ali Karakaya and it's great to see an individual restaurant thrive in Brum. There's one too many chain restaurants in the second city and while I am all for variety, I think we should support our local traders as much as possible.
So for this reason alone, and not at all because I am a glutton, I'll be popping along to take advantage of this festive offer. Why not give it a try too.
For more details on Woktastic visit its colourful website www.
Merry Christmas!
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