Sunday, 28 December 2008

Point of no Return

AFTER four days of marathon eating I've arrived back into work with my jeans feeling tighter than ever.
Had it been 2007, when skinny jeans were super cool, this state of affairs may not have been so bad, but these are 2008's boot-cut style and right now they are really not cut for this booty.
I have to sulkily turn down the tin of Cadbury's Roses doing the rounds... there are only strawberry cremes left anyway. But I like strawberry cremes!
I cannot deny it, I have shamelessly over indulged.
I knew I was at the point of no return when this morning's breakfast constituted fresh pineapple and Pringles. Sour cream and chive ones.
In my eyes, Christmas is a time for an 'anything goes' attitude. A bit of what you fancy, and all that.
Similarly, last night at a birthday party, my friends and I reveled in chicken curry topped with Walkers ready salted crisps.
"They make up for the lack of poppadums," justified the other half, probably hoping I hadn't noticed that he'd also got a side order of cocktail sausages mixed in.
Cheese melts biscuits smeared with Bonne Maman strawberry jam also proved a revelation on Christmas Day night.
I fear that my taste buds, and waist size will never be the same again.
Have you discovered any strangely delicious combinations this Christmas? Or have you remained faithful to the tried and tested route? Let me know...


Jim said...

"I cannot deny it, I have shamelessly over indulged."

Ditto Emily, I'm pretty much of a pig most of the time but Christmas is just a whole new world :(

Emily said...

We are clearly cut from the same cloth!! I try to be good from Monday to Friday and then a big naughty at the weekend. And tomorrow IS Saturday...