Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Big Chef vs Little Chef

IN line with the current Channel 4 programming schedule I am about to embark on my own version of Big Chef vs Little Chef.
But unlike Heston Bluementhal, I am not taking on a national restaurant chain. Instead I am taking on my best mate.
Aprons on and knives at the ready, we are off to Braehead Foods Cook School in Glasgow at the start of March.
We'll be learning how to cook fish; how to bone, cook and sauce it with confidence, and I can't wait.
And there's bound to be a bit of friendly rivalry between us.
She's already done a one-day fish course in Worcestershire, where she learned to skin and bone and poach a piece of fish. But I've been to the Woktastic sushi school and dismembered a sea bass with my bare hands (which were holding a knife) before turning it in to elegant maki rolls.
What's more is that we make an unlikely pair.
At 5ft 9in tall, I'll be asking for extra leg room on our flight there, where as - with her Kylie Minogue-like proportions - she'll probably need a booster seat to see out of the window.
I need to get some practice in... Big Chef will not be beaten!
For more details on the cookery school go to


Kang at said...

sounds so cool! hope your training went well!

Emily said...

Thanks Kang! I haven't been yet, it's in March. I enjoyed your article on Marcus Wareing's restaurant.I'd love to eat there. Pictures were fantastic too!