Friday, 30 January 2009

Friends for Dinner

WE'RE having some friends for dinner.
But not in the Hannibal Lecter sense.
There won't be any Chianti, just lots of Cobra bear and curry.
It's the second time we've had this couple over for a meal; the first time we plied them with Mexican food and they seemed suitably impressed.
So on this occasion we are pulling out the stops with an Indian feast.
The menu starts in the usual fashion with poppadums and chutneys. We've got this cute little stainless steel chutney carousel - just like you see in Indian restaurants - and guests love it.
We then move onto some onion bhajis and vegetable samosas, which I hasten to add, aren't homemade. I am yet to master Indian starters but I will make the main course dishes so I feel excused.
Coconut-laden beef madras and chicken, tomato and spinach curry will be stars of the show (I hope), while I've also made some lentil dhal to serve alongside, plus pilau rice and naan breads.
And there will be lots of fresh coriander and chopped chillies to liven up proceedings.
Then for pud I've given the new icecream maker a whirl and rustled up some mango sorbet. I am trying to think of a creative way to serve it... any ideas?
The boy says that if I'm going to cook the main courses in portions for four, which I will undoubtebly do, we must be disciplined in packaging up the rest for another day.
It won't happen, we'll scoff the lot.
But then again, we could always eat the leftovers with a few fava beans...


Paolo Panini said...

Reading about your curry has made me feel very hungry!

Emily said...

Writing about my curry made me feel very hungry...! I wish it was tonight instead.

Jim said...

OK, Hi Emily. Here is my weekend report.

Bilash Tandoori. OK, not bad not exceptional, Balti and tandoori as expected. I wouldn't rate it over many others though.

Saturday wokking was great :)

Lime. I'm impressed Emily, you have to get over to Wylde Green and try this one. I was a little concerned about the "Fusion Cuisine" tag, but no, I was very impressed, we all were. Good service, excellent ambiance and fantastic food. We shall certainly be going back there.

Emily said...

Thanks for the tip Jim. I hadn't heard of Lime. Where in Wylde Green is it? Is it predominantly Indian/Bangladeshi cuisine? What did you eat?

Our Indian feast on Saturday night was a big success, especially the homemade mango sorbet!

Here's to more happy eating!


Jim said...

Emily it is Indian/Bangladeshi food. I don't have the address but it's part of the row of shops on the left just after the Chester road/Yenton crossroads on the way into Sutton.

Emily said...

Okay. I think I know where you mean.It's not a side of town I am especially familiar with though. I tried to look at a menu online but couldn't find one... I do love online menus. They fill my day at work!