Friday, 2 January 2009

A New Year's Resolution to Keep

SO, what's your New Year's Resolution?
Along with the usual tedious pledge to do more exercise, drop (at least) seven pounds and stop leaving my apple cores around the flat, I've decided I'm going to have one new culinary adventure a week.
My inspiration was a book I received for Christmas entitled 1001 Foods to Try Before You Die.
Now this book doesn't insist that you try Japanese blowfish, or sheep's testicles before you pop your clogs, just that you chomp on a wide range of foods from all corners of the globe.
From Parmeggianno Reggianno to pomegranates and baklava to Black Forest ham, lots of the featured foods already get the big tick, but many don't.
This got me thinking, what if I pledged to try at least one of these new foods every week this year? Or if not one of the foods, then a new recipe or restaurant instead... I'd end up with 52 new experiences.
I do try to weave new experiences in to my every day life but it's more than easy to get complacent, roll out the same recipes week-in-week-out, buy the same foods at the supermarket and return to old haunts when eating out.
So, my pledge for 2009 is to dine more daringly, why don't you join me?
Not quite sure how I'll manage to widen my culinary horizons AND shrink my waist size. Looks like the only answer is.... EXERCISE.

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