Friday, 13 February 2009

The Perfect Sandwich

I have designed my perfect sandwich.
The thing is, it wasn't premeditated. Like the best things in life, it just happened because I was trying the think of ways to jazz up the contents of my lunchbox.
I often have low expectations of sandwiches, both homemade and shop bought. They rarely live up to the dream sold on the cellophane wrapper - or in your head as you butter the bread.
But this sarnie was such a supreme being I feel I have to share it with you.
What's more, I felt like I was doing myself some good eating it, although this was purely coincidental because it tasted heavenly.

  • Two slices of thick sliced wholemeal bread
  • 40g reduced fat hummus
  • Two falafels (chopped). I used Cauldron
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Sliced red pepper
  • Handful of beansprouts
  • Handful of mixed seeds, such as pumpkin, pinenuts and sunflower
  • Spread equal amounts of hummus on each slice of bread
  • Top one side with the chopped falafels
  • Top the other half with the cucumber, peppers and beansprouts
  • Add the mixed seeds and sandwich together
  • Eat and enjoy!
What's your favourite sandwich filling? Let me know....


Paolo Panini said...

I am going to be very boring and suggest a Cheese and Onion Cob. This is about a slice of mature cheddar cheese and Spanish onion on a soft white cob, which I had every Saturday lunchtime before going to the football, when I was kid.

Has anyone tried to buy a large, (or any size for that matter),Spanish onion in a supermarket? No chance! You have to go to a good fruit and veg shop to get one these days.

The Coach and Horses on Weatheroak Hill near Alvechurch do the best cheese and spanish onion cobs in the world. You won't find it on their blackboard of fayre, which lists elaborate and complex paninis and jackets with all kinds of fillings. It is an 'under the counter' request, where someone scurries into the back room and then appears with a freshly sliced cob holding a large slice of cheese, and a bowl of freshly shredded Spanish onion for you to help yourself in 'loading' the cob. And only £1!

Emily said...

Wow! A pound for a cob. That sounds like a steal. Now you have said that everyone will be heading to the Coach and Horses for a credit crunching munch!
You can't beat the classics though. I like ham salad or cheese and tomato, if we are going down that route. This sandwich was just a revelation though. Maybe something Tina would like?

Thinspired said...

Sounds good! I've actually never tried falafel, but I like Cauldron products in general. Next time take a picture! :)

Jessica604 said...

This does sound really "meaty" and hearty and filling, but healthy at the same time.

My favourite sandwich involves a good multigrain bread with lots of seeds and sprouted grain. Then you add the mayo and the mustard (whole grain and dijon please!). Then there is some tomato, cucumbers, bell peppers. And finally there is the smoked gouda and perhaps some corned beef. It's one of those sandwiches where all the entities are pleased - the brain thinks its healthy, the tummy thinks its filling, the tastebuds thinks its tasty. Everybody wins!

dickie said...

While it's tough to beat a really good Ploughman's sandwich, i'm going to go for toasted wholemeal bread filled with slices of grilled chicken, smothered in loads of green pesto and topped with fried (to the point where they're blackened) onions.
Really unhealthy, really delicious.

Although not as unhealthy as when my dad used to feed me and my brother sugar sandwiches when mum made him sort out breakfasts (Mighty White, and lots of margarine to stop the sugar from falling out).
Yes, we were fat kids. said...

A good sandwich is hard to beat. I love the use of hummus. I can imagine so many great possibilities with that!! Thanks for a great post!

Emily said...

Hello All!
Thanks for your comments! I am thinking of compiling a top 10 sandwich filling list now, so I need your help so I don't leave anything off the list.
Thinspired: Falafels are wonderful things, and Cauldron falafels are especially great. Only 51 cals each and really filling. Definately worth giving a try.

Jessica: Your sandwich sounds superb. I love the mayo and mustard combo, with cheese!

Dickie: I think the sugar sandwiches sound appealing, crunchy and sweet. A bit like eating raw cake mix? I expect you haven't eaten one for years but secretly crave them?

ChefBliss: Thanks for reading and commenting. The hummus makes a great alternative to mayo and feels more healthy somehow...

Gaby said...

This sounds absolutely amazing!! I am going to try this asap!

Emily said...

Thanks for reading Gaby. Think you'd like my sandwich. Just visited your website, pizza looks sublime!