Sunday, 1 March 2009

Battered Mars bar, anyone?

REGULAR readers of this blog may already know that I am off to Glasgow tomorrow for a few days with my friend Claire.
We're donning out tartan aprons to go to cookery school in Kilmarnock (about 20 miles from Glasgow), and have also been promised a few Scottish culinary treats along the way.
Battered Mars bars, you might think.
Okay, so Glasgow might be the heart attack capital of the UK, but I've read up and along with plenty of kebab houses and greasy spoons there is top class shopping and a great modern art gallery. It can also punch its weight in the food stakes.
Lunch tomorrow has been arranged for us and where better to sample the best Scottish cuisine than at The Ubiquitous Chip?
This place is a Glasgow institution and has enjoyed pride of place in the West End of the city since the 70s.
It's menu is modern and very Scottish, showcasing the country's finest ingredients such as Wild Kintrye rabbit, Aberdeen Angus beef and Scrabster landed ling.
Alternatively, there's The Chip's own venison or vegetarian haggis - even the dessert menu is kilt-wearing with Blairgowrie raspberry parfait and Caledonian oatmeal ice-cream with fruit compote just a few of the tempting choices.
Then we're Kilmarnock-bound, where we'll spend day two learning how to prepare and cook fish.
One of the teachers at the school is the head chef at The Ubiquitous Chip, while others are established fixtures at restaurants all over Scotland.
We've even been recommended a few local restaurants for our supper on Tuesday night.
However, by then we might be just bursting with fine food and looking for something simple.
Battered Mars bar, anyone?


Leah said...

Oh my I have heard of those Battered Mars bars!!! Steve (my fiancé told me about them because a guy he works with is from Scotland!). I'm so curious to see what they look like (or taste like!).

Emily said...

Thanks for dropping by! I don't know if I will have the guts to try one, but if I do I'll let you know! said...

I had a fried snickers once but it was sooooo greasy I don't think they made it well. I hear so many great things about these and would love a battered mars or snickers bar that is good and tasty!! Have fun!!

Thinspired said...

This is going to be such an exciting experience for you!! Safe travels, and I can't wait to hear about how it goes!

Emily said...

Thanks all. I've returned from my Highland Fling and am blogging about it in two parts. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as i enjoyed going!