Sunday, 22 March 2009

My Weekend in the Fast (Food) Lane

I'M vaguely disgusted with myself.
For one reason or another most of the food I've eaten this weekend has come out of foil containers or cellophane wrappers.
I wish it hadn't happened, but it has.
I feel like I should have filmed it for an ITV documentary called My Weekend in the Fast (Food) Lane.
I worry that tomorrow I will wake up, looking bloated and pasty, at which point I'd talk to the camera, via the mirror, and (pointing at my dark-circled eyes) say 'After just three days, this is what junk food does to you...'
My fast track to convenience food hell started on Friday night with a supper courtesy of Marks and Sparks.
The boy and I shared a bean and lentil roast and a stick of garlic bread. We added salad and sugarsnap peas, and it was actually pretty good. Maybe this convenience food malarkey wasn't so bad.
But that was probably where the weekend food peaked.
Saturday night, after as reward for a day of intensive spring cleaning (energised with healthy snacks of corn chips, KitKats and Cadbury's Fruit and Nut), we tucked into a curry from Kabbabish in Moseley.
We ordered the full works; poppadums and dips, onion bhajis, chicken bhuna, brinjle milaana vegetables, chicken tikka masala, rice, peshwari naan.
We were both horrified when the bill came to £34. For a takeaway. We didn't even have the luxury of someone else doing the washing up.
Sunday gets worse. No food shopping meant no home-prepped food to bring to work, so instead I made a frenzied dash round a newsagents.
The Heinz tuna and sweetcorn sandwich cried out for the powerded tomato Cupasoup I had with it because on its own it had about as much moisture as the Sahara.
And as for the microwavable jacket potato and baked beans from 'Pro-Cuisine', I have just scoffed, I can confirm it was anything but.
Since most of these foods have an encyclopedia of ingredients, how is it possible that they taste of so little? But, tomorrow is a new day...
Maybe I could slip in a quick Pot Noodle before bed?


Leah @ Simply Fabulous Now said...

I have had a food filled (and not all healthy food!) weekend. But.. try not to worry, it's all a part of life. You'll wake up tomorrow and i'm sure you'll resume your healthy eating... it'll all balance out!

Mrs Woffington said...

This sounds familiar - I'm forever falling behind with the preparation of packed lunches, but bought sandwiches just make me want to go bleeeeugh. How do they manage to cost so much, yet be so utterly rubbish?

Thinspired said...

Aww, don't be too hard on yourself. I know all about M&S convenience food leading to a nightmare of ready meals...some of them are so good! I think with M&S there is potential to eat really healthy but also really poorly! I am secretly dying to try their macaroni and cheese :/

Emily said...

Thanks for reading all. I had a better day yesterday so feel okay again!
Regarding your comment Mrs W, that's exactly how I feel. I reckon I parted with about £50 in all this weekend on various supplies and didn't really enjoy any of them. Back to the stove, I say.
However, Lara, I think you should indulge in a Marks and Spencer macroni cheese at least once!