Friday, 13 March 2009

When it DOESN'T count

THERE'S an enormous slab of cream-filled, chocolate-topped gateaux sat next to me at work.
It's probably one of the most decadent cakes I have ever seen. It's even topped with chocolate-dipped berries, and the homemade smell is intoxicating.
This slice of heaven has kindly been placed there by my colleagues, who visited a cake stall in the building selling treats in aid of Comic Relief.
They bought a job lot, one big slice for each person my desk.
So, now I have to look at it - and resist - because it's not quite the weekend.
Or should I just scoff it, because it's for charity (ironically in aid if starving kids in Africa), and convince myself if doesn't count...?
This then led me on to think about the other times I kid myself it doesn't count.

  1.'s a sample at a food fair, or food hall in a department store. Cheese? Olives? Fill your boots!
  2. ... it's eaten straight from the fridge. There's a jar of Merchant Gourmet Dulche du Leche in my fridge which is slowly disappearing.
  3.'s on the plate belonging to your other half. He orders pudding. I ask for two spoons, but the plate remains firmly on his side of the table
  4. ... your body clock is out of sync due to jet lag. I think we managed to eat nine meals on transit between London and Bangkok.
  5. ... it's the witching hour. A handful of chocolates to stop the 3am tummy-rumbles? Don't worry about it.
  6. ... you are in the dark of the cinema and no one can tell you chose the super-size popcorn as well as the family-sized bag of Minstrels.
  7. need to sample what you have cooked. Seasoning has to be right, doesn't it?
  8. ... you are heartbroken. It takes a lot of energy to cry, and plan revenge.
  9. ... you have a legendary hangover. Sometimes only McDonalds' fries AND two Big Macs will do.
  10. ... it's in aid of charity.... enough said.
When you do think it doesn't count? Let me know...


Graze with Me said...

It also doesn't count if you've had one seving of something and you just want a second helping straight from the jar, bag box...right?

Emily said...

Absolutely. Seconds, thirds... as long as it's from the box, bag or fridge does not count! Thanks for reading!

Betsy said...

I love your list. It also generally doesn't count if you're standing. Gravity, plain & simple.

Thinspired said...

Hehe--fun list. I have all sorts of similar "doesn't count" excuses ;) But really, the gateaux sounds too amazing to resist. I say GO FOR IT!

Emily said...

Thanks for reading both, your comments made me smile. I resisted the cake but that paved the way for lots of binge-eating at the weekend! Hope you both had a good weekend. Em x

Heavenly Housewife said...

It doesn't count when you are on holiday :)
I had a total binge this weekend in Harrogate! Mmmm it was good!

Emily said...

Harrogate? Wonderful. I have never been but hear that it is wonderful. Did you go to Betty's teashop? That's very famous for it's beautiful cakes.