Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Great Brummie Menu

FLYING the flag for Brummie gastronomy once again, Glynn Purnell returns as a contender on BBC Two's Great British Menu.
Last time Glynn deservedly won the programme's dessert round with his modern take on egg custard, and was given the privilege of serving it to some of the world's finest chefs and high profile celebrities at London's iconic Gherkin.
In the new series chefs are challenged to design and cook a four-course banquet for British forces returning from Afghanistan.
This week sees Glynn pitted against Michelin two-star chef Daniel Gifford from Midsummer House in Cambridge in the regional heats.
The victor of the Central heat - decided on Friday - will then fight it out against other winning chefs from across the country. (Glynn's a boxer so he could quite literally fight it out!)
Two courses in and Glynn's done Brum proud.
His opponent has, so far, plumped for elegant, refined food, such as his fish course of braised lobster with chicken gizzards, baby root vegetables and white port sauce.
In contrast, Glynn's food is gutsier and - while still refined - promises the soldiers a tantalisingly nostalgic taste of home.
I think he truly nailed the concept with last night's fish course of masala-spiced monkfish with red lentils and pickled carrots and coconut.
What soldier, regardless of rank, won't be craving a curry on homecoming?
Five minutes out of Brum and I'm hankering for a ruby.
Good luck Glynn!
What is a true taste of home for you? Let me know...


Thinspired said...

Hi Em! Thanks for the welcome back :) I don't know how it is in your parts, but it is raining in Bristol today :(

I would love to try that egg custard!

Emily said...

Grey here too. Bet you wish you were back in California!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, thanks for the comment. I wouldn't drink the coffee drinks usually (I normally drink black coffee, so no calories)so it would be good for someone who likes milky, creamy coffees, but as it's free and I've just run out of normal coffe, I may aswell finish it. I would drink the hot chocolates (around 40-50 cals) occasionally, but probably when I've got to my goal weight and am maintaining.

Emily said...

Thanks Helen. I agree with you. Good for a maintenance treat and no point in turning down a freebie!

Anonymous said...

Glynn definitely deserved his win against Daniel. If the show was Great French Menu then Clifford would have won easily. While I am certain that Daniel's cooking is of high quality, while watching I kept asking myself 'What's British about this...'

This is not taking anything away from Glynn who won in spite of his Mains... I hope in the finals this will be the dish he opts to change. His dessert must have been just that good to nod him ahead. Another 10-10-10 in the making?

Emily said...

Hi G,
Couldn't agree more. Was delighted Glynn won through the central heat. despite his bravado, he seems truly humbled by the opportunity and I think he really gave a lot of thought to the brief turning out a menu which was a taste of home. The bakewell tart with double cream icecream looked sublime...!