Monday, 10 August 2009

Hit and Miss

WE went out to La Tasca, Broad Street, clutching one of those vouchers promising fifty per cent off your food bill.
Unlike many other money-off vouchers it can be redeemed all day, every day, so cut-price food on a Saturday night seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.
However, it was rather fortunate we only paid for half our food because while some of it was tapas-tastic, the rest feel short of the mark.
Here's what my party of three ordered, and how we rated it...
  • Bread and olives: Bread was fresh and absorbed dipping oil and balsamic vinegar (more Italian than Spanish) well, black olives were a little too soft, but the boy rated the green ones
  • Langostinos a la plancha: Juicy grilled prawns with sea salt and lemon. A bit troublesome to peel, despite being properly cooked, but worth the effort
  • Pescado Blanco Frito: Good, crisp batter encased slightly over-cooked non-specified white fish. Mayonnaise lacked flavour so overall the dish lacked significance
  • Calamares Andaluza: A little cold, a little chewy, but still one of my favourite dishes of the evening
  • Albondigas a la jardinera: Light, bouncy meatballs made of pork and beef in tomato sauce. Could have eaten double
  • Berenjenas gratinadas: Disappointingly watery aubergines in a thin tomato sauce, topped in a teaspoon of cheese
  • Champinones al ajillo: I was reliably informed that these garlic mushrooms were a big hit
  • Pimento Romano: Half a Romano pepper stuffed with some undecipherable vegetables and cous-cous (allegedly). Give this dish a wide berth
  • Ensalada de espinacas et aguacate: Unremarkable mix of spinach, cucumber, white onion and avocado. At least the avocado was ripe
  • Paella de verduras: Vegetable paella lacked any real pizazz but had comforting texture and a nice range of veggies
  • Gambas gabardina: Deep fried prawns with light batter tasted fresh and delicious
VERDICT: Without the voucher our bill would have nudged almost 70 quid (including a bottle of fruity red), but with half price food, £45 made it all together more palatable. On the plus side, the atmosphere was lively and the service welcoming!

What's your favourite tapas dish? Let me know


Thinspired said...

I have been curious about this place for a while! I will take your advice and use a voucher to get the most value. It sounds like a fun restaurant for a social gathering, even if the food isn't top notch.

Heavenly Housewife said...

I've never eaten here before. I kind of have this thing against tiny plates of food (yes, i do realize you r supposed to order alot lol). My favorite tapas is patatas bravas. Yum.

cinabar said...

I hate when you order prawns, and they come covered in sauce but with the shell on. I know they look nice but it is just so messy!
Thanks for the link, 50% off is a fantastic incentive to give the place a try!

Anonymous said...

Not favourite tapas dish but favourite tapas restaurant has to be Cambio de Tercio in London. How it hasn't been awarded a Michelin star I have no idea but it does beat pretty much everywhere else silly hands down.

And back to favourite tapas dish - Gallician style Octopus and Patatas Bravas