Monday, 17 August 2009

What's Yours is Mine....

I AM a firm believer in sharing.
I think that pudding - ordered by him - should always come with two spoons, drinks with a pair of straws, and a bag of chips should always have room for my grubby little fingers to prize out a few hot tatties.
I can't say I always reciprocate the generosity, especially when it comes to Diet Coke, or 'my Diet Coke' as it's usually known - after all, what's yours is mine, and what's mine is..... well, mine.
Thankfully the boy was in sharing mode on Saturday and because of his goodwill I was able to try a trio of goodies that I would have otherwise missed.
At lunch we ventured to Eat, in the Bullring, one of our most frequented venues - a firm favourite for it's fast, fresh and healthy foods. I opted for the Gujarati red lentil dhal soup, which as I know from past experience, is filling and delicious.
But the boy boldly opted for one of the new Vietnamese pho soups.
Lifting the lid of the big white tub revealed thin strips of beef and vegetables with noodles and plenty of fragrant ginger. At the counter, staff cover it in hot broth, which heats the ingredients and releases further delicious aromas. Eaten with chopsticks, it was a revelation!
'This is what I call lunch,' he exclaimed!
Such a virtuous lunch warranted a sweet treat so we headed to the nearby Wah-Kee Chinese bakery, in the Arcadian Centre, where the boy more than happily shared his choice of coconut and caster sugar bun.
Another delight, this feather-like pastry was sweet and flaky with good crunch, and chew, from the sugar and dessicated coconut topping.
I'd like to say our sweet tooth was sated and it probably would have been if a new ice cream parlour hadn't just opened in Paradise Forum.
Mediterranean in style (it wouldn't look out of place on a Turkish seafront) and sparsely furnished, Entice is serving up a selection of creatively-flavoured gelato from white chocolate and coconut to mango, pineapple and passionfruit. There are even a few sorbets, and yogurt-based ices for the slimmers, plus fresh pancakes and waffles for those with elasticated waistbands.
Forever a sucker for icecream the boy ordered a scoop each of apple pie, and Turkish delight flavours.
'Did you get two spoons?' he questioned as I presented his order.
This was unprecedented. I tucked in, trying both flavours and was pleased by the natural flavour of the Turkish delight icecream, but adored the creamy cinnamon taste of the apple flavour.
The boy said it wasn't quite creamy enough for his liking, although I'm not sure whether this was psychological because there was a display board stating the 'healthier' nature of their icecream.
I didn't notice any difference. I shouldn't have pointed it out... serves me right for sharing information! Ignorance is bliss, eh?
Is sharing food more fun? What foods won't you share? Let me know.....


Alexx said...

I LOVE pho, so tasty and as you say pretty healthy too! Mmmm

Heavenly Housewife said...

ha! we totally share the same sharing philosophy: whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine :D
My goodness, there are so many foods i dont like to share, but i guess I would have to say my number one no share food is baskin robbins pistachio and almond ice cream

Thinspired said...

Chinese bakeries make me happy :)

Got your comment on my last post, thank you. Don't worry, I will not obsess. I promise :)

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