Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Silly sausage

THERE'S only two of us in my household so getting through a whole loop of chorizo sausage is a fair old challenge.
Having bought one on special offer last week and using a portion of it to spice up a butterbean stew, there was plenty left.
Not one for wastage I'd regimented our entire week's menu around getting through this damn sausage - before it grows fur at the back of the fridge.
Squash and chorizo casserole, Spanish-style chicken, red pepper and chorzio frittata, chickpea and chorizo soup. It is fair to say it was a pivotal piece of meat.
So I toddled off to the supermarket, shopping list in hand, blissfully unaware of the news which was about to shatter my world.
It wasn't until much later that day when my other half and I were discussing his Saturday night with the lads. I'd returned on Sunday morning (after wisely spending a night away) to find the lounge floor covered in remnants of pitta bread.
"So you had pitta breads for breakfast then," I enquired.
"No, we had them at about 4am," he shrugged.
"With what?" I said, knowing full well our cupboards were as bleak as Gordon Ramsay's prospects of being named hubbie of the year.
"Oh, with the the chorizo. We finished it off. Is that okay?"
Safe to say it was not okay.
With my menu plan now in tatters, I am now forced to scour the internet for new ideas...
Do you have any? I have a butternut squash, chicken breasts, a vast amount of coloured peppers... and the need to create four appetising meals. Help!

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