Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tastebuds at the ready...

TODAY I am off to join every other foodie in the land at Birmingham NEC for the BBC Good Food Show Live.
It's the first day of the five-day gastro fest and I can't wait for the jostle around the trade stands, as hungry crowds, armed with cream crackers or nuggets or bread fight their way towards samples of the latest pesto or balsamic/olive oil dipping combo. Elbows at the ready... I can be uncharacteristically aggressive when the prospect of free food arises.
I'll also be looking for a few Christmas presents - although admittedly they will mainly be for myself. No doubt I'll feel an urgent need to buy the latest super-peeler or carrot shredder, despite kitchen cupboards already overflowing with gadgetry.
I've also got tickets to see Jamie Oliver cooking live in the Supertheatre. Maybe he'll even be cooking stew...
I'll report back tomorrow... If you go do let me know what you thought.

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