Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Get Down and Dirty

OUR bodies are temples.
Or so the boy and I would like to believe.
For at least five days out of seven we watch what we ingest; count our portions of fruit and veg on an abacus, glug water, chow down seeds, nuts and lean protein. Chocolate's allowed, but only the dark, cocoa-rich variety.
But when the boy goes out I ditch this philosophy and get 'dirty'.
'Dirty food' is a term generated by the boy and refers to foods with no discerning nutritional value.
He's also a master of consuming these foods. But only when I'm not around.
I know this because I find evidence. I found a piece of white bread and tomato ketchup in the lavatory's toilet once. And there's always wrappers.
His other favourite 'dirty foods' include white toast topped in Marmite, crushed crisps and cheese, Chicken-flavored Knor Supernoodles, Mattesons smoked pork sausage - the list goes on.
Last night though it was I who was left alone and although I had been food shopping and stocked our fridge full of the aforementioned superfoods, I chose to revel in a enormous can of Heinz Spaghetti (much of it eaten cold, out of the tin), with buttered white toast, a vat of ketchup, and washed down with Pepsi Max, out of the can.
I felt so rebellious that I spent the rest of my evening making wholesome vegetable soups and drinking green tea. How rock and roll.
What are your 'dirty foods'? Let me know...


Jeanne said...

An open cheese toastie made with equal measures of Hellmann's mayo and grated mature cheddar cheese...

Emily said...

Goodness, that sounds good. I'll have to try that one the next time the boy is out...