Monday, 26 January 2009

No Ugly Ducklings Allowed!

SOME people just aren't affected by the credit crunch, it seems.
In Birmingham these said people seemed to descend on The White Swan in Edgbaston for Sunday lunch yesterday.
The gastropub was so busy with well-heeled clientèle that my better half and I were told we'd have to wait an hour for a table, or could order from a limited menu in the bar area.
Tummies rumbling we chose the latter.
As we awaited our roast dinners I heard a neatly coiffed woman saying into her mobile phone, 'Yes, yes, well, I am in the local drinking a glass of Champagne on my own before I head home".
How very decadent.
However, the food was worth the attack of the green-eyed monster.
My spit-roast chicken with sage stuffing, fresh bread sauce and seasonal veggies was mouthwatering. The cinnamon-spiked braised red cabbage was particularly memorable and the roast potatoes gave good crunch. The only let down was the gloopy apple sauce, but I guess that's my own fault for wanting apple sauce and chicken.
The plate of pork loin with crackling on the other side of the table was relished just as much. "Very tender," he commented. Paranoid femininity took over and I assumed that meant it was best roast dinner than I cooked.
"You don't cook roast pork," he shrugged, refusing to rise to the bait.
Clearly, my overreaction was due to me feeling inadequate.
After all, we'd walked there - and the rest of the customers had their Audis parked outside. I was also clad in Topshop, not MaxMara. And my hair was missing the necessary boufant demi-wave!
It was time to jump ship before someone noticed...
Where do you go for a good Sunday roast in Brum? Let me know
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Anonymous said...

Just head on down to the garden house, it will deliver on taste as well as pleasing your pocket! The chicken roast was delicious, although from a carnivorous point of view, the teriyaki steak with "surf" has been my favourite thing on the menu since it has changed "turf" from sirloin to ribeye! The two gentlemen on the bar who served us were both charming and efficient! Thank to Rod and Dwayne for a top evening.