Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Holiday Dreamin'

AS rain lashes my office windows, there's little surprise that conversation has turned to holidays.
Endless sunshine, great sights and sandy beaches all figure top of most people's priority list.
Not mine, though.
While all these factors are important, my one-track mind is focussed on food.
Memories of holidays passed inevitably conjure up thoughts of delicious - and not so delicious - meals.
Last year we holidayed on the west coast of America, where - as I have already mentioned - we enjoyed some of the best food of our life.
We primarily chose the US because decent grub was a given, and after a fortnight in Cuba in 2006 our tummies yearned for some gourmet treats.
Although Cuba - particularly Havana - was a feast for the eyes and ears, by day 10, I'd have happily swapped it all for something palatable to eat.
After all, a girl can't live on mojitos alone. Well, this girl can't.
So, where to this year?
While I understand the Far East and India to represent the best value for money, I honestly don't think I can face another long haul flight despite my penchant for plane food.
I am still hankering over the sublime food I enjoyed in Turkey a couple of years back so have put nearby Greece on the list.
I dream of the big hunks of feta atop juicy tomatoes and cucumber I ate on the Greek islands of Skiathos more than 10 years ago.
Alternatively, I am intrigued by Portuguese cuisine. I've never been there but a colleague went to Lisbon last year and raved about the delicious fresh fish dishes, not to mention the specialty custard pastries (pastel de nata).
But with the pound so weak against the Euro, Morocco is looking more and more tempting, and not just because of my newly developed obsession with tagines...
Where are you holidaying this year? Will your holiday destination be determined by the type of cuisine on offer? Let me know...

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