Friday, 16 January 2009

Star in the Making

I WAS delighted to read that Brummie chef Glynn Purnell has just been awarded three AA rosettes for his inventive British cooking (Birmingham Post, January 16).
I think he'll also win a Michelin star when this year's edition of the famous gastro guide is published next week.
So I was especially smug to secure a reservation at his Cornwall Street restaurant for a month's time, because once he's got that deserved star I believe it'll be twice as difficult.
I am already salivating over the new menu, which cruelly teased me when it dropped into my email inbox this morning.
No doubt I'll change my mind but at the moment I think the main course of brill cooked in coconut milk with aubergine puree and Thai infused salsify and lime sounds sublime.. but then so does the Cornish lamb on Indian lentils.
I can't wait!
Have you been? What did you think? Is Glynn deserved of a Michelin star? Let me know...

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Mrs Woffington said...

Ooh had the same email. What about the Balmoral venison with liquorice charcoal? Didn't he do something similar for Great British Menu?

Emily said...

It looks fantastic, doesn't it? Although not dramatically different from the autumn menu, I thought.
Yes, I do believe he cooked game and liquorice for Great British Menu. I am dying to try out the egg custard pudding too...
I hope he gets the recognition he deserves next week.