Monday, 23 February 2009

Can't be Battered!

FLIPPIN' heck! Pancake Day is here again.
It only seems like a blink of the eye since the last Shrove Tuesday feast, when - as always - we ask the question to which we have no answer: 'why don't we eat pancakes more often?'
That said, I don't think a crepe has passed my lips for a full 365 days.
So with that in mind I intend to make Pancake Day an event - not just a pudding we cram in after we've already had our fill from dinner.
I'll cook a pile of wafer-thin lovelies as soon as I get home and then reheat them to order when the boy gets in.
And I'll set up sweet and savoury 'stations' on either side of the kitchen so we can build our own fillings.
On 'Team Savoury', there will feta cheese, pan-fried Mediterranean vegetables, pesto, sundried tomatoes, cream cheese with chives, Parmesan, spinach, pine nuts, balsamic glaze.
My desire for savoury pancakes come from eating a dreamy goats cheese, roasted vegetable and red pesto creation at a farmer's market in Dublin and absolutely nothing to do with eating Findus minced beef Crispy Pancakes as a child. I'll be concocting something similar to the Dublin crepe later.
In the corner for 'Team Sweet' will be the traditional sugar and lemon juice, strawberry jam, yogurt, chocolate (which will melt on-contact), fruit and maybe I'll even open that jar of Merchant Gourmet Dulche du Leche which has been smiling at me for weeks.
However, when I hit the sweet station I'll go for oven-baked figs, a drizzle of honey and some 0% Greek yogurt.
With such exciting variables on offer, I have to ask, why don't we eat pancakes more often?
What will be in your crepe this Shove Tuesday? Let me know....


Claire said...

I just love pancake day too. No idea why we don't do it more often, but still reckon you can't beat squeezing a bit of lemon juice and a good sprinkling of sugar on one! Well, either that or a road-side crepe stall, which leaves you wondering how on earth those guys learnt such a wonderful skill..... Mmmhh, making me hungry now.

Emily said...

Yes, just love those stalls selling crepes where they have a massive flat surface to spread out the batter on. Can't really replicate that at home, can you? Mine are always a little bit thicker than they are meant to be. This year I am going to try and get 'em really thin. Thanks for reading.

Thinspired said...

Oh, man, can I come to your house?!
So, I didn't even know what Shroe Tuesday WAS until my husband explained Pancake Day to me. Crazy, huh? I didn't even get to take advantage of it today :( Next year, I guess!

Emily said...

I didn't know whether you'd know about it Thinspired. I am guessing it's not a festival in the US? At least you know for next year. I go a bit overboard though, most people just flip a few pancakes and have them with lemon and sugar!