Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I'll let you into a secret...

TALKING to Birmingham Mail Restaurant Spy Paul Fulford the other day, he let me into a secret.
It's not a secret exactly, just a nugget of useful information that I didn't know and feel obliged to share.
Turners, the newly anointed Michelin star restaurant in Harborne, is serving a three course dinner menu for just £18.
"I was expecting a more rustic meal than the food they usually serve," said Paul. "But that wasn't the case at all. It was superb."
He also disclosed that while the food bill for three people came in at less than £70, they doubled it to enjoy good wine.
"But when the food is that cheap, you don't feel so bad, do you?" I replied.
It sounded too good to be true. And when I looked at the website there were no further details of this 'Auberge' menu.
At home I relayed the details to the boy, who, either in a moment of madness, or because he was starring at the telly and not really listening, said: "Book it."
So I took the baton and ran.
When I called the restaurant the following day I put aside my fear of sounding like a cheapskate and asked if they were still running this offer.
'Yes,' was the response. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights only. Until the end of March.
So I booked it.
A glance at the Birmingham Plus website's page for Turners suggests a choice of two dishes per course with options such as fillet of sea bream, crushed jersey royals, garden peas, Avruga caviar beurre blanc for main, and vanilla panna cotta and rhubarb sorbet for pud.
Why don't you take advantage of this offer too?
The restaurant's new website is 'currently under construction' .
Instead call 0121 426 4440.
Have you eaten there already? What did you think? Let me know...


Mrs Woffington said...

Yes, I've eaten there (pre-star) and enjoyed it very much. The pasta is exceptional!

Emily said...

Really? Excellent. Good to hear positive feedback. I can't wait. £18 is a bargain for three courses, I am sure you will agree?

Laura said...

Would love to but....I'm stuck in Alaska but if I ever get over there I'll be allover it but the special will be by then :( Laura

Emily said...

Like your comment Laura. Surely there are so tasty restaurants in your neck of the woods?