Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Happy Mondays

EVER the budget-conscious diners, my friend and I headed to the Slug and Lettuce in Solihull on Monday night for half-price food.
I think every Slug in the land carries this deal, but seeing as my pal lives in that neck of the woods we opted for the Touchwood branch.
Having been there quite recently I noted that the service and standard of food were both good and hoped this would remain the case, inspite of the credit-crunching offer.
It took a bit of time for staff to take our food order, but I think this was down to the fact my friend and I looked difficult to interrupt as we busily swapped news.
I chose the tuna nicoise salad, while my vegetarian friend selected the falafel burger.
We didn't have to wait long, which was a bonus, cos we were starving.
I'd asked for my salad without egg or olives and was pleased my wishes had been honored, although a little disappointed that the chef hadn't sprinkled on a few extra green beans, tomatoes or spuds to compensate.
The griddled tuna steak, which I'd ordered medium rare, was over cooked, but not dreadfully so; it was still moist and juicy, just lacking in attractive pinkness as I sliced it apart. I suspected the chef's griddle had not been quite hot enough to sear it properly.
The accompanying salad was delicious though and the herby olive oil dressing the star of the show. A ciabatta bread stick provided perfect crunch.
I am ashamed to say I didn't ask how my mate rated her burger, which was accompanied with fries. We were too busy chin-wagging.
However, it looked appetising and she didn't grumble, so I'm assuming it passed the test. The sweet chilli jam, which came alongside, was lovely and tangy and I smeared it all over my tuna steak.
We weren't offered puds, which was good for the waistline and the wallet. Apart from that service was as good as I remembered.
Two Diet Cokes each and the bill came to £14 in all.
Yes, we couldn't believe it either.
Where else is doing great recession busting offers? Please let me know....
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4 comments: said...

I thought I'd leave a comment as I read the blog every day!
How come you like Strada in the ICC? We had a terrible time there. How do you manage to get out so much?
Thanks for the tip about the fish and chip place at Broadway Plaza - will try it out!

Emily said...

Morning Krysia
Sorry to hear you've not been served well by Strada in the ICC. My experiences there have always been positive and compared to other pizzerias/Italian-style restaurants in then city I find it the closest to food I have tasted in Italy.
Yes, give GBE a try. It's past the cinema and Subway on the corner. In between Dominos and Philpotts! Enjoy!

Thinspired said...

We have a Slug & Lettuce in Bristol. I've never been, but after reading your review (and seeing your bill!), we may have to visit!

Emily said...

It's definitely worth trying Lara. It's not haute cuisine but nice all the same and there are some healthy options too, such as the tuna salad I had or some not so healthy options which are equally tasty! Worth going on a cheap night!