Friday, 6 February 2009

A Taste of Paradise

I DON'T quite know what I had done to deserve it but the boy delivered me breakfast in bed yesterday morning.
Maybe it was the arrival of thick snow overnight which had brought out his nurturing side, but whatever the reason, I couldn't have been more delighted with my little tray of treats to feast on while I remained snuggled under.
It's even more decadent than it sounds because - being a Thursday - I still had to get up and earn a crumb.
And it was the ideal tonic for a wintry morning with - along with a warming cup of coffee - fresh peach juice, sliced pineapple and a bowl of Rachel's Organic Greek-style coconut yogurt.
I've been a fan of Rachel's Organic yogurts for quite a while after eating my first one - a blackberry flavoured one - as part of a Eurostar breakfast last year.
However, this was something else. Rich, sweet and full of shredded coconut, it like eating a melted Bounty icecream, sans the chocolate.
And what's more, I've just discovered the Rachel's Organic website which is packed full of gorgeous recipes, including one for a Thai chicken curry, using the aforementioned yogurt.
Nice idea... but I am not sure it'd ever make it into the cooking pot pan.
Have look and see if it makes your mouth water too....


Lick My Spoon said...

oooh one of the top things i miss about europe is all the amazing, rich yogurt that's available! mmmm this sounds delish :)

Emily said...

It is extraordinarily good! However, I looked at the ingredient list and it's no wonder; it contains organic cream, organic yogurt, organic sugar and coconut. Heavenly! Do you not have such creamy yogurts in the States? Liked your website by the way!

Thinspired said...

Oooh, I might juist have to try this one! I love Rachel's regular lowfat yogurt and rice pudding, but have never tried the Greek kinds. This looks like it could almost qualify as dessert! :)

Emily said...

It certainly would. But like I say, it's not for the dieter! I nearly balked at the 159cal per 100g... especially after I had scoffed 300g of it. Maybe just for a treat...