Monday, 6 April 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

ASIDE from Christmas I can't think of a better excuse to binge on chocolate than Easter.
I just love to peal back the foil wrapper and crack open one of those hollow chocolate lovelies - before devouring the lot.
The little shards of chocolate just disintegrate in your mouth, and before you know it it's all gone. And you need to open another.
If you are still looking for some Easter treats for a loved one - or, even better, for yourself - I have scouted Birmingham's shops for the quirkiest goodies to save you the last minute hunt!
Hotel Chocolat, in the Bullring, has a truly innovative Easter selection including Easter Egg Sandwiches (pictured), which my other half proclaimed 'the best Easter egg he'd ever tasted'. High praise indeed, from a chocolate connoisseur.
There's also extra thick chocolate eggs, crammed with Hotel Chocolat's most popular filled chocs, with witty titles such as You Crack Me Up (pictured) and The Eggshibitionist.
The indulgent goodies don't come cheap, but you get what you pay for.
Similarly, Lindt chocolate always gets the thumbs up in my house. The sight of their classic gold bunnies. pictured, lined up - with ears pricked attentively - in supermarkets and food halls always signifies to me that Easter fun is only a hot cross bun away.
I have a friend who likes to eat the ears first, in one go. Cocoa sadist.
Bunnies are also a prominent feature of Tonkey's Easter range.
The Belgian chocolatier has irresistible confectionery rabbits and hens, which come in their own wood and wire cages. The bunny even has its own orange chocolate carrot. Almost too cute to eat. Almost.
Tonkey's products are available in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges however, I recommend heading to Waitrose where the same items retail at £5 less.
Infact, Waitrose proved to be a bit of a mecca for unusual Easter eggs with gourmet selections from The Chocolate Alchemist and James Chocolates.
But my favourite has to be the Create your own Easter-egg head by Stas (pictured), which comes with a pot of choccie goo.
Other products which caught my eye around town included praline chocolate 'quail's' eggs in Harvey Nichols, which come in their own clear plastic egg carton; Kshocolat's chocolate eggs with biscuit dunking soldiers in House of Fraser and the sublime extravagantly-wrapped eggs in Chou Choute.
And no Brummie Easter Egg round-up would be complete without a mention of the chocoholics paradise that is Cadbury.
The Bournville-based firm has impressively reduced its egg packaging this year by at least 25 per cent. I just love their line in Egg Heads, pictured, which have no cardboard packaging and are just wrapped in foil. Even easier to access.
You can't beat a bit of Cadbury's chocolate!
What would you like for Easter? Let me know...


Heavenly Housewife said...

Did you eat all those chocolates? I want some (especially the Mr. Potato head one)! You know, when I was younger I used to always pinch the bunnies to see if they were hollow inside or filled (In America they are usually hollow, with no goodies inside like they have in the UK). I would leave a train of broken bunnies behind me. Very naughty. But that is what happens when I dont get what I want ;).

Emily said...

Ha ha! You make me laugh. I still do that now. I can't understand why they don't make them solid (apart from the small matter of the molten chocolate not drying hard). The Mr Potato head eggs are superb. John Lewis also has them. The facial features are really solid choccie too. Five days til Easter, can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I would eat a million Cadbury's Cream Eggs. I love em.

Emily said...

Oh, I know. They are just delicious! How do you eat yours?

Thinspired said...

OMG I love the My Potato Head egg!
I am only recently familiar with giant Easter eggs. It's such a Brit thing and I am hooked!

Emily said...

Lara, they are sooo much fun! Why not get Matt one and then you can have a small sample. I know you won't be binging... far too disciplined!

Kim (The Paper Aproness) said...

I've never heard of bunnies filled with goodies! Why do you Brits get to have all the fun?! I'm tempted to buy an American chocolate bunny and fill him up like a pinata! :)

Emily said...

Funny you should say that... we have a cardboard chicken Easter pinata and we fill him with goodies and then give him a whack and he releases the sweet treats!

Lara said...

Don't put it past me ;) I haven't been all that disciplined lately. But the giant eggs are so worth it, anyway, and they're just like mince pies...they only come around once a year, right?!

Emily said...

I agree Lara. It's only one day and we can get back on the wagon on Monday, right? Enjoy it! Happy Easter.