Thursday, 9 April 2009

Please Forgive Me

MY kitchen is making strange noises.
At first I don't know what they are, but as I listen intently, and the whimpering noises get louder, it all becomes clear.
My kitchen is feeling sorely neglected. The beloved pots and pans remain untouched and my cookery books are gathering dust.
I've eaten out twice this week already, which is pretty unprecedented, since it's usually reserved for the weekend.
I think my kitchen fears life will never be the same again.
On Monday night I met an old pal for dinner at Zizzi in the Mailbox.
It's been about six years since we last saw one another and we had so much to catch up on I forgot what we ate.
Like that's going to happen.
I think I freaked her out by remembering that when we'd met at a mutual mate's 21st birthday, at TGI Fridays, we'd both ordered chicken Caesar salads.
"Ah, my Caesar salad phase," she confirmed.
The memory of an elephant (and the appetite of one), the boy often says through gritted teeth.
So back to the food. We shared a Fiorentina pizza, which is the one with the egg on, although I requested it without the egg, but this fell on deaf ears. I survived though.
We also shared a chicken salad which, when it arrived, didn't look how either of us expected as the chicken/mayo mix was atop a piece of toasted ciabatta, and there were leaves and a fanned avocado on the side.
It was tasty and we scoffed the lot, still finding room to enjoy a sinful chocolate torte with mascarpone.
Then last night I again, ditched the kitchen.
On the way to see Tina Turner, the boy and I dashed into the Handmade Burger Company for speedy eats before we hit Nutbush City Limits.
Having been disappointed by the fish finger sandwich I had last time, I played it safe and went for a sweet chilli chicken burger and my caution paid off. It was (simply) The Best.
Meanwhile, the boy loved his beef balti burger. The chips were good too.
But the guilt had set in. I was starting to feel bad for so much enjoying a meal cooked outside of the confines of my own kitchen.
For the rest of the week, I will brush away the cobwebs from my kitchen cupboards, polish the food processor and whip up something of my own design, in the vain hope my kitchen will forgive me for my betrayal...


Graze with Me said...

I feel the same way, I keep telling myself to cook and bake more often but when I bake, I eat. ALL OF IT! Cookies, cakes,'s too hard to stay away.

Emily said...

Ha! Same. If I bake, I eat. Or the boy eats and then we both feel bad! It's easier not having that stuff in the house, isn't it?

Lara said...

I think eating out is a nice treat, so you just had double the fun :) I get the impression that you cook a lot, so this was probably a welcomed break.
I've only been to Zizzi once and ordered risotto. It was good!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Now you have me thinking of fish finger sandwiches (I read the link to your previous entry). I totally love the idea, but not with ketchup, I am a tartre sauce girl (figures, it has more calories right?). I have some fish fingers in the freezer ;D ... hmmm...
Hope you have a lovely easter weekend!

Emily said...

Hi both! Thanks for reading. I do cook a lot, I try and to make dinner from scratch every night. You are right though Lara, eating out was a welcome break from the kitchen stove!
HH, I love tartare sauce AS WELL as ketchup. I like condiments in general!

Graze with Me said...

Yes, I am going to San Fran. in June. We both want to go, so that's where we decided to go for our honeymoon. Thanks for the recommendations, keep 'em coming!

Emily said...

Okay Jessie, will have a think. Lots to see and do there. You will love it!