Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Thai-mes have changed

THEY say the true test of a relationship is your first holiday together.
If you can survive that, then you can survive anything.
Not ones to do things by half, when the boy and I first started dating we decided the perfect test of our blossoming relationship was a two-week trip around Thailand.
He'd never flown before, I'd only holidayed in the Med and North Africa. It was leap into the unknown.
However, it was a fantastic trip; we visited golden temples, tropical beaches and trawled night markets.
My only regret was that I was an unadventurous eater, ordering the ubiquitous Thai green chicken curry at every turn.
Seven years on and many adventures later, how things have changed.
We are still as happy as ever, but I'd like to think I have more of a palate for the exotic.
In fact, during a delightful Sunday lunch at Thai Edge, I gave the Thai green curry a wide berth.
That's not to say, it wasn't good. The boy - an ever adventurous eater - reported that it was delicious!
The tranquil Oozels Square restaurant offers a Sabbath buffet lunch for the value-for-money price of £12.90 per person.
Unlike many other buffets (and I have an extensive knowledge), the presentation of the food is not sacrificed; every dish is just as beautiful as the delicate, poised staff.
I tucked into the superb salads; the seafood salad, featuring jumbo prawns and lightly-cooked squid was a particular favourite, as was the piquant papaya salad.
The boy was equally impressed with the starters, raving about the light sweetcorn fritters, filo prawns and miniature spring rolls.
For main course I made a beline for the sweet and sour fish, which was succulent and not overly sweet. The crispy bean curd with cashew nuts and stirfried vegetables was also excellent, although the delightful crispness of Wok-fried vegetables is lost when dishes sit on a buffet table.
The better half tried a spoon of everything, reporting that the meat was of a high quality, and the curries well-balanced.
Puddings were irresistible - once again, impeccably presented on platters dressed in banana leaves. The mango cheesecake was sublime and the coconut tapioca refreshingly light.
For a true taste of royal Thai food - without the price tag - Sunday lunch at Thai Edge cannot be bettered.
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Paolo Panini said...

Sounds great food, Emily. Tina and I must try it sometime soon. Do they have Thai beer?

Emily said...

Yes, they do. Good wine list too. Superb value for Sunday lunch!

cinabar said...

That's the great thing about buffets, it is okay to be adventurous, coz if you don't like you can just go back for something different!
Might have to give this place a go, as it sounds lovely!